HK DAKINGS TECHNOLOGY LIMITED is a professional supplier of electronic components and PCBA. We are located in the center of the world's electronics manufacturing industry - Shenzhen, China, which gives us a natural supply chain advantage.

  After more than ten years of rapid development, we have established solid cooperative relationships with major well-known component manufacturers, and have received strong support from the original manufacturers in terms of authorization, delivery and price. Therefore, we can provide end customers with efficient , high quality and competitive service. 

  We have also established close cooperative relationships with powerful PCB manufacturers and SMT factories in China, and can provide customers with one-stop services from components to PCBA. 

  Our customers come from all over the world, and we have established long-term cooperative relationships with mainstream customers in many industries. Our business covers popular fields such as finance, electricity, transportation, medical care, environmental protection, and new energy. 

  The company's high-quality services come from our excellent team, including engineering, quality, procurement, business, after-sales, publicity and other positions. Our employees are smart, energetic, experienced, and have a strong sense of responsibility. Their excellent work, Bring high-quality products and services to every customer.